Sailboat on Lake Tebo, Mali.

Information Security – Since the pandemic began, Rod has developed extensive online information security training for our staff, available in both English and French. He has developed an audit program for our Africa based IT administrators, enabling them to self-assess their departmental practices against a corporate security policy. Rod manages a phishing awareness training program to educate staff on how to recognize phishing emails. He offers consulting for our overseas entities in information security, disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Disaster Recovery Planning – Since April 2016, Rod has been facilitating the development of a more robust disaster recovery capability for IT operations at our JAARS and Dallas centers. This has required risk assessment, impact analysis, development of recovery procedures, and testing of these procedures through annual exercises. This is an ongoing annual process for continual improvement.

IT Connect / ICCM Africa – Since 2014, Rod has been teaching IT Disaster Recovery and IT Security through the IT Connect training program. The purpose of IT Connect is to provide training for the Information Technology Administrators who serve our Bible translation programs in Africa. There are two venues each year, one for our French-speaking IT administrators, and another for our English-speaking IT administrators. The connection doesn’t end at IT Connect, it begins there and continues throughout the year as Rod connects online to provide consulting to the IT administrators.

Data Recovery Service – In 2013, Rod was project manager for choosing a commercial end-point backup solution to secure our corporate data. We chose and implemented a secure commercial solution that has become well established in our organization. Rod managed that service until January 2017, when he transferred responsibility to a colleague in order to focus more on consulting and training activities. (Update: Rod now administers this service as needed when the primary administrator is unavailable.)