A Data Recovery Success Story

One of Rod’s responsibilities is co-managing the File Recovery Service for SIL. Some time back Rod had an opportunity to assist a colleague in restoring his data. The information at risk of loss included notes and a survey from a meeting of mission agencies in an important training program.
The colleague states “I was dismayed and frustrated when I discovered the folder with all the files for this meeting missing from my hard-drive! When I explained my problem, Rod was able to walk me through the process to restore the data to my hard drive, which had been backed up to CrashPlanPROe and I was good to go. Thank you for your partnership with Rod and Julie! I very much appreciate the skills and competencies that Rod has in computer support, and was extremely grateful for his assistance in restoring my data.” For a video testimonial click here – http://vimeo.com/75390482.

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