Rod teaches at IT Connect / ICCM Africa hosted in Kenya

Thanks so much for your financial support and prayers for my part at the combined IT Connect / ICCM Africca conference. This event was held in Kenya during April 8-14. Most of the participants at this combined conference serve in 20 organizations in the Wycliffe Global Alliance and in SIL International … Both organizations serve Bible translation. In addition there were numerous participants serving with other mission organizations throughout East Africa.

Rod designed and taught five modules focused on helping the participants improve the security and resilience of the IT operations for these organizations. TheseĀ  modules included:

  • Development of IT recovery procedures
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Hard-disk encryption
  • Organizational data security
  • An IT disaster recovery exercise.

During the IT Disaster Recovery exercise, Rod presented a disaster scenario where participants must respond to the scenario and subsequent ‘injects’ as they are presented. After processing the scenario in table-groups, Rod led a large group debrief where we talked about lessons learned from the exercise. This event consistently gets very high reviews by the participants!

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